Murder by the Book by Rex Stout

First Leonard Dykes is found floating in the East River, than a car runs Joan Wellman down in Van Cortlandt Park, finally someone helps stenographer Rachel Abrams out the window of the office. Three seperate people: a law clerk, a book reader, and a stenographer; three seperate murders; and nothing in common bewteen them. Or so it seems…who is Baird Archer and why is everyone who reads the manuscript of his novel, Put Not Your Trust, turning up dead?

It’s a case that has New York’s finest baffled, it may even be too much for private detective Nero Wolfe. It’s a case that soon has this orchid-loving, reclusive gourmand detective, and his wise-cracking legman Archie Goodwin, up to his substantial neck in murder, blackmail, jury-tampering, and the vicious internal battles of a prominant New York City law firm.

It’s a case that makes it clear, that some books are really worth reading…even if it is the last thing you will ever do.