Under Enemy Colors S. Thomas Russell

With an English father and a French mother Lieutenant Charles Saunders Hayden is not at home in either his chosen country, England, or in his chosen profession, the Royal Navy. Cursed by his mixed heritage and with few friends or supporters in the halls of power it seems his career is bound nowhere.
That is until he receives a commission as First Lieutenant in 38-gun frigate Themis. Crewed by sailors who war amongst themselves and captained by Josiah Hart (known as “Faint Hart” amongst the other captains in the Navy), a man who’s cruelty and tyranny are outstripped only by his cowardice in the face of the enemy, the Themis seems well beyond even Lieutenant Hayden’s ability to manage.
As Hart’s cruelty and cowardice drives the crew ever closer towards mutiny, Hayden must face an internal revolution of his own, desert to the French where his skills and ability will be valued or stay with Royal Navy under the tyrannical thumb of Captain Hart. A choice that, either way, might lead to his death.