Hot Lead, Cold Iron: A Mick Oberon Job by Ari Marmell

Mick Oberon’s just your average hard boiled gumshoe trying to make an honest buck in 1930s Chicago, well not countin’ the pointy ears underneath his hat and when he says he’s packin’ heat he means a wand, not a gun.
Mick is one of the aes sidhe, the noble Fae that have all but left the mortal world. Like any good private dick he tries to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid any job that brings him close to the city’s Underworld and the city’s Otherworld. But even noble Fae of ancient lineage still need to pay rent.
Against his better judgement, he agrees to find a mobster’s lost daughter, the only problem being she was replaced by a changeling…sixteen years ago.