Blandings Castle by P.G. Wodehouse

Welcome to Blandings Castle. One of England’s largest and most pleasant stately homes it is renowned for its magnificent Early Tudor architecture, elegant rose garden, and stately Yew Alley.

Even more notable are its inhabitants: Clarence Threepwood, 9th Earl of Emsworth an almost terminally absentminded old gentleman who hobbies include gardening, feuding with his Scottish gardener McAllister, and pig husbandry; his son the Honorable Frederick “Freddie” Threepwood, noted among his acquaintances for being amiable sort of fellow but rather lacking in the brains department; Lady Constance Keeble, Lord Emsworth’s sister, a woman of forceful character who spends most of her time laboring to manage the affairs of her extended family (her brother and any single relative of marriageable age in particular); and the Empress of Blandings, the apple of Lord Emsworth’s eye and several times winner in the “Fat Pig” category at the Shropshire Agricultural Show. Add to that a highly efficient secretary; a grumpy Scottish gardener; a port-swilling butler; and a cast of various nieces, nephews, unsuitable suitors then let simmer and enjoy.