Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Picture the scene: a train stuck in the snow in the middle of rural Yugoslavia. In one of the first class compartments, a man lies dead stabbed multiple times. Who was this Mr. Ratchett, a wealthy man with the air of a benevolent philanthropist and the eyes of a cunning animal and why would someone hate him enough to stab him twelve times?

With no way for the murderer to leave the train undiscovered, the culprit must be one of the passengers on the train. But who among this seemingly random collection of people of various social backgrounds hailing from several different countries could have done it? Each has an alibi, but each alibi is reliant upon the testimony of another subject. Who did it, why did they do it, where is the murder weapon?

Hercule Poirot must make use of all the deductive powers of his “little grey cells” to answer all of these questions and solve the Murder on the Orient Express!