A Darkness Forged In Fire: Book One of the Iron Elves by Chris Evans

All Konowa Swift Dragon wants is to be left alone in his disgrace. His reputation is ruined, his regiment has been disbanded, and to add insult to injury he’s been exiled to the one place he hates the most, the forest. Fate, and the daughter of the governer of Elfkyna, have other plans for him. He is to resume his commission as a major in Her Majesty’s Imperial Army and reform his regiment the famed Iron Elves, immediately.

There is no time to loose, a Red Star has fallen in the east, a magic long thought to be gone is beginning to return, and the dreaded Shadow Monarch has set her eyes on capturing both the Star and Konowa for herself.

It’s a suicide mission for sure, but it’s also a chance for redemption for Konowa Swift Dragon and a chance for the men (and one dwarf) of the Iron Elves to prove their worth. It’s a chance for battles to be won, legends to be born, lives to be redeemed, and souls to be doomed, for as the Blood Oath of the Iron Elves says:

“We do not fear the flame, though it burns us,
We do not fear the fire, though it consumes us,
And we do not fear its light,
Though it reveals the darkness of our souls,
For therein lies our power.”