Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

The ancient prophecies spoke of a terrible evil, a great darkness that would rise and envelop the land. But the prophecies also spoke of hope, of a hero who would arise and face the darkness. And lo, the hero arose to challange the darkness and save the world, but he failed…

A thousand years later, a dim red sun struggles to shine on a world draped in mist, where no green things grow, and ash falls from the sky. A world dominated by the Final Empire where the skaa labor day and night under the crushing heel of the divine and immortal Lord Ruler.  

The Lord Ruler’s power is absolute, enforced by the dreaded and inhuman Steel Inquisition, and every revolt against him has failed. At least until now…

A new kind of hero has arisen, a criminal mastermind bent on pulling off the ultimate caper, the overthrow of the Lord Ruler and the destruction of the Final Empire. It’s an impossible scheme riding on a gang of underworld con-artists and an untried street urchin, a girl with the mysterious magic of Allomancy the powers of a Mistborn.

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