The Harlem Hellfighters by Max Brooks, Illustrated by Caanan White.

On June 29, 1916 the 15th New York Infantry Regiment was organized. They left for France on December 27th, 1917. They were re-designated the 369th Infantry on March 1, 1918 and on April 8, were assigned to the French Army for the duration of the United State’s participation in World War I.
They spent 191 days in combat (more days than any other American unit).
They never lost a trench to the enemy or any of their men to capture.
They were one of the most decorated units in the American Expeditionary Force (in addition to one Congressional Medal of Honor and several Distinguished Service Crosses, 171 members of the unit were awarded either the Croix de Guerre or the Legion of Honor by the French Republic).
They were the first soldiers of any army to reach the Rhine River.
The French called them the “Men of Bronze”.
The Germans called them “The Harlem Hellfighters”.