Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: True Tales of A Botswana Safari Guide by Peter Allison


“‘Whatever you do, don’t run.’ This was the solemn counsel of the three guides who worked at the camp. ‘Food runs,’ added Alpheus, the tracker, his rough face split by an enormous grin.’And there is nothing here that you ran outrun anyway.'”

Many people agree that there are few things more exciting than viewing exotic wild animals in their natural habitat. What most people do not realize that there are also few things more dangerous. In his many years working as a safari guide in Botswana Peter Allison hasn’t “seen it all”, but he has come fairly close. From dinner-crashing honey badgers to naked baboons and tourists who are nearly as strange and exotic as the animals they come to see, Allison relates the many experiences and lessons he has learned while working a job that is as challenging and dangerous as it is rewarding. Running through nearly every story is the lesson that whatever happens on a safari, you should never run.