The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances by Matthew Inman

“I feel about exercise the same way that I feel about a few other things: that there is nothing wrong with it if it is done in private by consenting adults.” Anna Quindlen.

You’ve seen them all before the lone individual red-faced and sweat-stained panting along a trail in the park, the lone individual cocooned in scarves and Lycra ambling along in sub-zero temperatures, the toned and perky twenty-something merrily bopping along festooned with all the latest in running technology, the pack of runners barreling down the sidewalk like a wave. Why do they do it? Why brave punishing weather, difficult terrain, hostile wildlife, and the protests of your own body trying to convince you that you were simply not made to do this. If you’ve ever wondered, maybe cartoonist Matthew Inman can explain the terrible and wonderful reasons why.