The Vagrant By Peter Newman

The Vagrant is a silent and tough character who lives in a post apocalyptic world. He walks a desolate, war-torn landscape alone. This world has been prophesized to be ended by a supernatural event known as the Breach, and it has finally come. One of The Seven, named Gamma which is godlike being, takes an army to the Breach but fails and Gamma is defeated. Now people are left unguarded by any of The Seven to this demonic rise of evil. Meanwhile, the Vagrant carries around an infant with him trying to find the safe haven known as the Shining City in hopes of delivering the only weapon that may make a difference in the war. He has to fight through benevolent people and beings that inhabit this hopeless world to get there. This world is filled with plenty of dangers. With an abundance of obstacles and challenges in the way, this quest seems near impossible for any, even the Vagrant, to accomplish.